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“More Ambition, Please!”: What Does the Next Generation Expect from the Transatlantic Relations?

An open discussion on the transatlantic future focusing on the next generation with Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner, Executive Director Aspen Institute Germany & Ambassador Boris Ruge, Vice Chairman Munich Security Conference.

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“More Ambition, Please!”: What Does the Next Generation Expect from the Transatlantic Relations?

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10. Feb. 2021, 18:00

Zoom https://gmfus.zoom.us/j/95692008383

Über die Veranstaltung

years of Donald Trump have ended.

With Joseph Biden as new President of the USA, 19 German representatives from politics, science, and military see a unique opportunity “to revive and preserve the Western alliance long past the next four years”.

In the paper “More Ambition, Please”, they developed five core-demands to the German government for policies towards the USA. Focusing on climate, NATO, China, trade, technology, and the Coronavirus, they call for a “New Agreement between Germany and the United States”. The two countries are asked “to focus on redefining and reinforcing the United States’ long-term role in Europe” and to “develop and balance a new transatlantic set of tasks”.

We wonder: What does the Next Generation think of the future of the transatlantic relations? What do young people demand from the US-German and US-European bond?

Join us to discuss this together with two signatories of the paper, Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner (Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Germany) and Ambassador Boris Ruge (Vice Chairman of the Munich Security Conference).

After a short introduction by the host of the event, the Chairman of the Atlantic Community, Philipp Mühl, Dr. Mildner and Ambassador Ruge will give an initial statement focusing on trade, climate, and security. Afterwards, we ask you to state your questions and discuss with our guests: What do we expect of the transatlantic relation in the future and how can we achieve it?

The paper “More Ambition, Please!” can be found under this link: https://anewagreement.org/en/


  • 5 Minuten

    Introduction by the host

  • 10 Minuten

    Dr. Mildner on economics, trade, and climate

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