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Political cartoons

Have you ever wondered when does a political cartoon become iconic? Join this webinar to learn more about political cartoons with our expert on this topic: Christianna Stavroudis

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Political cartoons

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22. Apr. 2021, 19:00


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Political cartoons can be inspiring and amusing – but they can also spark outrage and controversy. What most of them have in common is that they exaggerate an event, circumstance, or recent development with a biting sense of humor.  

Political cartoons reflect the zeitgeist and have been doing so for a long time: It was as early as 1754 that the Pennsylvania Gazette published Benjamin Franklin’s “Join or Die”, which is today considered to be the first political cartoon from what we now know as the United States of America. Since then, political cartoons have become a staple of almost all major U.S. newspapers. While most cartoons are only relevant for a short period of time, namely the day or week they are published, others surprisingly stand the test of time. For example, Benjamin Franklin’s way of depicting the early colonies as a cut up snake in “Join or Die” is still recognizable today, and its message feels just as biting as in 1754. 

In her webinar (lecture and Q&A), Christianna Stavroudis will introduce us to the fascinating world of classic and more recent political cartoons to answer questions such as: When and how does a political cartoon become iconic? How can a cartoon be evaluated? What about freedom of speech in different parts of the world? And are there regionally specific features and traditions?  

This online event will be held in English.

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